Return to Dust - 100% Recyclable Pouches

Return to Dust - 100% Recyclable Pouches (first img)

Here at WePack we take our responsibilities to the environment extremely seriously. We have a new eco-friendly pouch filling solution, which we are delighted to announce. Pouches are the environmentally friendly packaging innovation you have been waiting for.

What are Return to Dust Pouches?

Return to dust pouches are the very first plastic-free, compostable food pouch made entirely from plant-based products. These robust pouches are made from paper, but can still be heat-sealed to store both dry and moist food products. The package is turned into a preformed stand-up pouch for space-saving, thus reducing transport costs over alternatives such as glass jars or plastic packaging.

Can they really only be made of paper?

We’ll say it again as we know it’s hard to believe. The Pouch is the first of its kind: fully recyclable, 100% paper pouches. The paper is cleaned, not bleached and features three levels of moisture resistance, with the highest being similar to a plastic laminate (1/2 CC per day).

The three kinds of paper used are low, medium and high moisture barrier papers, suitable for different products and offering greater shelf life options.

What products are suited to Pouches?

Our eco-friendly food packaging is suitable for granular products, such as salt, spices, flour or seeds. You could also store small solid products such as jerky, granola, cereal, chocolate chips or popcorn. If you are looking to add your own branding, we can use food safe inks and provide plain or printed pouches. Please note that we do not recommend filling with products beyond 1kg in weight due to the paper construction.

Further information:

Please note that there is currently a £10k minimum order value for this service. To find out more about recyclable pouches, filling or sachets please contact WePack on 0115 852 9000 or get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page


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