10 Benefits of Using Pouches for Your Packaging

10 Benefits of Using Pouches for Your Packaging


WePack provides pouch packaging of the highest quality that can be used for a huge variety of products, including snack foods, dry powders, capsules and tablets, herbs and spices, cooking and baking ingredients and even glitter. Our pouch packing service is your go-to solution whenever you require hangable or standalone bags for your products, plus our first-of-its-kind return to dust pouch is an environmentally friendly alternative that’s 100% plastic-free and fully compostable.

If you’re new to pouch packing services, we’ve put together the 10 benefits of using pouches for your packaging.


Wide-ranging applications

Our pouches can be used for all kinds of products, plus you can choose between a convenient resealable function or a straight flush, heat-sealed finish for added protection.


Unwavering accuracy

As part of the filling process, the doses are precisely weighed so that each pouch receives the same amount of product.


Printable packaging

We can print your branding, artwork and other information directly onto the pouches as part of a comprehensive packaging service that saves you time, money and stress.


Lightweight packaging

Pouches are compact and lightweight, helping you to save on storage space and cut down your transportation and shipping costs. This also means that more units can be displayed on supermarket shelves, increasing their sales potential.


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Robust construction

They may be light but pouches are far from weak. In fact, their construction is very robust, which comes with multiple benefits. As well as preventing pouches from ripping and being punctured, the strength of the packaging helps them to retain their shape when being displayed and keeps their branding prominent.


Airtight seal

We understand that product quality is of the utmost importance, which is why our pouch packing service guarantees an airtight seal that keeps out air and water. The pouches can also be opaque to prevent sunlight from damaging perishable goods.


Reduced carbon footprint

Due to pouches being lightweight and very easy to store together, the carbon footprint involved in their manufacture, transportation and distribution is significantly lower when compared to bulkier packaging that creates more waste.


Eye-catching design

Whether they’re standing on shelves or hanging on a display unit, pouches offer an excellent method of advertising your products and getting your brand seen by countless consumers.



The optional resealable function is very popular because it allows some of the product to be used and then the rest can be securely sealed in again for freshness. This is great for all kinds of applications, from snacks and spices to powders and healthcare products.


An eco-friendly packaging solution

Our return to dust pouch is manufactured from plant-based products. Zero plastic is used because the pouch is made entirely from paper, which can still be heat-sealed if required. Once the consumer has finished with the product, the pouch can be fully recycled by being added to a compost heap or a food waste bin. The result is an eco-friendly solution for businesses that want to minimise their carbon footprints and environmental impact.


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