Flow Wrapping

Flow Wrapping (Horizontal Bagging) Solutions

  • Best option for products that can be pushed
  • Very low cost
  • Bags created tend to have a small surface area and weigh less than alternatives

When your product is flow wrapped you end up with a similar bag to what is produced by a Vertical Form Fill Seal/vertical bagging service.

What products can be flow wrapped?

Best suited to any product that can be pushed along a conveyor belt such as:

  • Leaflets
  • Promotional items
  • Scratch cards
  • Solid foods (eg, chocolate bars)
  • Products which need to be bundled together

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How it works

Flow wrapping involves pushing a solid product along a conveyor belt. Each product needs to be 100% consistent in shape and size. Flat film is then formed into a tube, sealing it at either end with the product inside.

The finished product has a seal at either and with a seam down the back.

WePack offer plain unprinted film options.

Flow Wrapping