Sachet Packing

  • Good alternatives to bottles, jars and tubes
  • Finished units are smaller and lighter than alternatives, minimal outer packaging required for transport.
  • Can be printed or plain


Why choose a sachet?

  • Good amount of choice in terms of size and shape
  • Can hold non-food liquids
  • Cheap and available plain or printed in a variety of colours
  • Preserves your product
  • Excellent for when portion control is required
  • Minimal packaging used
  • Variety of films and finishes available


Suitable products for a sachet

Dry ambient, food and non-food items, such as the following:

  • Capsules and tablets
  • Seeds
  • Granular items such as sugar and salt
  • Pellets / bird feed


How are sachets packed?

Sachets are formed from a roll of film, similar to vertical bagging and flow wrapping.

  • Our current sachet format is a three-sided seal
  • Current width formers: 35mm, 70mm, 90mm, length up to 120mm
  • Square and rectangular shapes available


Minimum order value: £850 +VAT