A guide to sachet filling

What products are suited to sachet filling? (A guide to sachet filling)

What products are suited to sachet filling?

  • Sachet filling is suited to anything granular or powdered, that can be poured and that will flow such as salt, sugar, grain, seeds or spice rubs.
  • Small solid products like jelly beans or chocolate drops etc.
  • Food and non-food liquids, (such as gels, lotions, creams, shampoos etc)


What are the benefits of using sachets?

  • A cost-effective portion-controlled option
  • Packs up small so keeps distribution costs down
  • Can hold non-food liquids
  • Strong and flexible.
  • Can be inserted into a magazine for marketing purposes
  • Offers exemplary airtight protection for your product
  • Sachets can be packed up inside of other products or packaging, (such as a rub to go with chicken cuts etc).

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What are the alternatives?

Small Bottles, jars and tubes can be used as alternatives as well as stand-up pouches. Bottles and jars are heavier, however, so tend to cost more overall and can’t be packed down as small adding further to transportation costs.

How are sachets filled or packed?

Sachets are filled using a method called vertical form fill seal (VFFS), which is done using a vertical form fill seal machine. This produces a single sachet from a flat roll of film.

The sachets will be formed as the product is filled.

What are the cost considerations?

For suitable products, sachets are one of the cheapest options available. Cost will fluctuate according to the size of sachet you choose, quantity of product and whether you want it printed.

Can sachets be printed on?

Yes, sachets can be printed on. Sachets can either be printed on for branding purposes, for tracking or to provide essential information such as ingredients, and up to 5 colours or more!

What sizes of sachets are available?

Sachets can be 36mm, 70mm and 90mm wide, and can be made from 40mm to 120mm in length.

We can help you with the most suitable size to suit your product offering.

Further information:

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