Our Filling Services - Filling Premade Packaging

  • Can fill all sizes and shapes from 2ml/g to 5L/kg litres
  • Suitable for free flowing liquids and dry and granular products
  • Can work with a variety of caps and closing methods
  • Minimum order value: £750 +VAT

We can fill containers of all shapes and sizes from 2ml/g to 5L/kg. Common types of containers we fill include:

  • Doy packs
  • Stand up pouches
  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Pots
  • Tubes
  • Pails

We can work with varied caps, closures and lotion pumps including screw tops, push fit and crimps.

Raw products we can work with:

  • Free flowing liquids like gels and creams
  • Thick, glutinous liquids that can be heated to become runny
  • Dry/granular products like rubs, spices, tea, coffee seeds
  • Powders
  • Tablets and gel capsules
  • Food and non-food

And more! If your raws aren’t listed just get in touch.

We are used to filling cosmetics, toiletries, pet and gardening goods as well as cleaning and janitorial products.

  • We can blend and mix simple formulas to your specification
  • We can count tablets and capsules
  • Portion control
  • Metal detection
  • Quality control

If you are in any doubt about the type of container to use or you are unsure if liquid and granular filling is the right approach for you, we’re here to help. WePack can also source packaging and organise screen printing, label application and batch/date coding, to suit your design.

For more information about our liquid and granular filling services, give the WePack team a call or drop us a line.

Other Contract Packing

How can we help?

  • BRC certificated with a grade AA accreditation
  • 25 years combined experience
  • A huge network of international contacts to source packaging from
  • Order fulfilment services including some of the best storage facilities in the UK
  • Experts in unusual requests and bespoke solutions
  • Flexible in our approach – no two jobs are the same
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