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When you consider the numerous benefits of sachet packaging, it’s surprising that more things don’t come in this special single-serve solution. Food items and ingredients, household products, pharmaceuticals – so many products can benefit from being stored in sachets. And, the more convenient your product is for consumers, the more likely they are to reach for it over your competitors.

In this blog you’ll learn a bit more about the creation, filling and distribution of sachets, and how they can create new opportunities for you.

Leveraging Sachet Packs for Business Growth

Using sachet-style packaging can create previously inaccessible opportunities for your business, such as:

  • Creating travel-friendly and cheaper versions of your existing products – perfect for both complying with travel regulations, and appealing to lower-income consumers.
  • Reducing waste and using sustainable materials when creating your sachets, which is especially important if you or your customers are concerned with eco-friendliness.
  • Taking chances for creative branding and engagement, built around the need to fit eye-catching designs and product information into a relatively small space.
  • Being able to provide precise doses and single-use samples, helping to ensure that customers get the most from your products by using them the way they’re designed to be used.

Expanding into New Markets with Sachet Packaging

Here are two examples of the new business sachet packaging could bring in.

Subscription Boxes

Partnering with subscription boxes can help to spread your products far and wide, and is a good way to introduce your offerings to new markets. Nowadays there are subscription boxes for every hobby, personality and occasion, so all you need to do is match the perfect sample sachet to each service.

Variety Packs

Another way to make sure that customers get to experience more of your products; variety packs. Offering variety packs containing different varieties of your products allows customers to try multiple options before committing to a single full-sized product. Giving customers the option to customize their sachet packs enhances your product’s appeal even further.

Sachet Packaging for Product Sampling and Promotions

Sachets come in all shapes and sizes, and have unique advantages in the world of packaging. Because they’re often made to hold only small amounts of any given product, they’re perfect for free trials or promotional campaigns – opportunities for you to spread the word about your offerings, without spending too much money in the process.

Maximising Profitability through Efficient Sachet Operations

If efficiency is important to you, opting for sachet packaging can support these endeavours.

  • Sachets can be made from a range of recyclable or biodegradable materials – so if you or your customers are environmentally focused, they’re a great choice. This is especially true when considering the minimal amounts of waste sachet packaging creates compared to other methods.
  • Sachets can also provide you with smaller, more affordable measurements, lowering the barrier for to entry for new customers who aren’t yet ready to invest in full-size products. Being able to try your products in smaller quantities increases the chance of repeat purchases.

Standing Out with Innovative Sachet Packaging Designs

Sachets may be small but there’s still plenty of room for creativity – especially when it’s the kind of creativity that enhances the user experience. Whether that means interesting yet ergonomic shapes, dual-chamber sachets for mixing ingredients at use, or integrated utensils sealed into the sachet. With sachets being such a small and relatively cheap investment, you can afford to flex your creative muscles in the name of boosting your brand.

Sprinkle a Sachet of Success on Your Business

We have decades of experience in packing, and know exactly what goes into sachets. Reach out today for a free quote, or to ask any questions you may have about what WePack can do for you.