Sleeve Wrapping

  • Very durable outer packaging
  • Most protective packaging to prevent damage during delivery
  • Not for aesthetics purposes

Sleeve wrapping is when a product or group of products are wrapped in thick, heavy-duty polythene. The plastic is stretched over the products in a tight seal. It is often used on trays of cans and bottles.

How does sleeve wrapping work?

Heavy-duty polythene is wrapped round the consignment, heated to 180 degrees then cooled, providing a tight, robust pack. The heat treatment does not affect the product inside and both ends of the sleeve are left open so that the parcel can be lifted by the wrap.

Why choose sleeve wrapping?

  • You can separate products into specific quantities
  • It is the most robust outer packaging
  • It keeps your product clean and protected during delivery and storage


What products are best for sleeve wrapping?

  • Trays of bottles
  • Trays of cans
  • Large boxes
  • Print work

Shrink Wrapping Service

Shrink wrapping is a robust way of covering your products. It uses heat technology to create a tight seal over your products.

  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance
  • The best wrapping solution if security and robust protection is of importance
  • Easy way to bundle products into batches such as printed books


Why choose shrink wrapping?

  • Robust protection for your products
  • Easy way to bundle your products into batches for easy transportation of multi-buy incentives
  • Tamper evident seal for extra security
  • Different types of plastic available for different levels of protection


Not sure if shrink wrapping is the right covering for you?

Other options include overwrapping, sleeve wrapping and flow wrapping. If you’re not sure which will work best for you, just get in touch to speak to an expert.

Minimum order value: £850 +VAT


Overwrapping service

  • Protects product
  • Gift wrapped appearance i.e. Perfume

Overwrapping is the process of wrapping a finished product with an outer layer of polypropylene film to provide extra protection and a luxury appearance. Multiple products can be overwrapped in a bundle.

It is often used on high end products that command a higher retail price such as chocolate boxes, perfumes and other beauty products.

Why choose overwrapping?

  • Commands a higher retail price
  • Is associated with quality in consumer’s mind
  • Keeps product clean
  • Acts as a security tamper seal
  • Tear Tape can be applied if required
  • Protects product


How does overwrapping work?

The film is automatically folded around the product by an over wrapping machine. The film is sealed with envelope folds at each end.

Please note that production tooling is often required.

Is Overwrapped the right solution for you?

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Minimum order value: £850 +VAT