Rework / Rectification

Reworking and Rectification Services

  • Experienced in dealing with unusual challenges
  • Large team of experienced, skilled hand assembly operatives
  • Experienced in repairs, repackaging, relabelling and retagging

WePack are experts in labelling, retagging and repackaging. We can reattach items that may have come loose in transit, remove or repair damaged objects, and repackage goods so they are fit for the shop floor.

Meticulous, hand crafted work

Reworking jobs are not normally suited to machine work. We have a large, highly skilled and highly experienced team dedicated to hand assembly which means we can help you find cost-wffective ways to reduce your wastage.

Interested in rework/rectification options or need expert advice? Contact our friendly team of packing advisors at WePack today.

Minimum order value: £850 +VAT