Primary Services

WePack have seven core areas of service offering, we are confident pricing and service in these areas will be both attractive and competitive.

  • VFFS (Vertical Bagging)

    VFFS (Vertical Bagging)

    Wet and dry ambient products, food or non-food, from 1g to 500g plain and printed.

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  • Flow Wrapping

    Flow Wrapping

    Horizontal wrapping of any solid product, such as: Breakfast bars, Soap, Trays. Plain and printed.

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  • Filling


    A variety of dry, granular, powder, or liquids filled to almost any container of your choice.

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  • Sachets


    Dry granular products including capsules packed to a range of plain and printed sachets.

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  • Hand Packing

    Hand Packing

    Specialist labour carried out by hand, required for any project unsuitable for machine work.

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  • Pouches


    Wet and dry products filled to a range of plain and printed pouches, in a variety of materials.

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  • Rework / Rectification

    Rework / Rectification

    We carry out appropriate actions to ensure your product reaches the standard you require.

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  • Labelling & Coding

    Labelling & Coding

    Applying Batch/BBE label or code to your product along with many other labelling services.

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Minimum order value: £850 +VAT