Shrink Sleeving

Shrink Sleeving Service

  • Strong hold wrap to secure 2 products together.
  • Can be plain or printed.
  • Can be labelled back and front.
  • Easily removed.

How does Shrink Sleeving work ?

A strong plain or printed sleeve of PVC or PET film is applied to either a single bottle or to a twin pack. The sleeve is then shrunk under directional heat to form a tight pack which can be sold as a Special Offer pack or just a decorated single bottle.

Why Choose Shrink Sleeving?

  • Excellent alternative to labelling.
  • Can be used on quirky shaped bottles.
  • Superb when offering a Promo Pack or ‘buy one get one free’ type offer.
  • Strong, unobtrusive and easily removed.

What products are best for Shrink Sleeving?

  • Decoration of funny shaped bottles.
  • Twin Pack offers.
  • Can be different sized bottles in a pack.
  • Up to 3 – 4 items in a shrink sleeve can work (samples are advised sp tests can be performed).

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