Blister Packaging Services

Types of Blister Packs –

1) Clam Shells

2) Trapped Blister Packs

3) Single Card Blister Packs

  • Clear packaging so your product can be seen on the shelf
  • Tamper proof solutions
  • Very good protection for product inside
  • Strong visual representation of the product

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging is comprised of a shaped plastic container with a cardboard back. The container can be shaped to fit the product snugly or a generic shape can be used and the back can be glued to the plastic or slid into place.

What is clam packaging?

Clam packaging (also known as clam shell) is similar to blister packaging but uses plastic backing instead of cardboard. This makes it tamper-proof but offers less space to describe and brand the product unlike the cardboard backing.

Bespoke blister versus off-the-shelf versions

Bespoke blister – where the shape is customised to your product – are generally suitable for orders in excess of 10,000+ units to make them cost-effective. Once tooling is created for your shape, regular retail lines can be updated quickly and inexpensively by changing the look and feel of the card inserts.

If you have a smaller run, WePack offers off-the-shelf blister shapes. You can customise the product with eye catching printing.

Hand assembly may be required

Blister and clam shell packs display all components of a product, so inserting the pieces of the product and packaging may require an element of human intervention. We provide full hand assembly services to ensure goods of any shape and size can benefit from these innovative versatile forms of packaging. 

Need more info? Get in touch or try our Guide to Blister and Clam Packaging.

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