WePack was approved as the Bonded Warehouse

With the latest certification as the bonded warehouse, Wepack can now offer even greater flexibility and efficiency in handling goods, ensuring secure storage and streamlined processes for bonded items. We're proud to expand our services and look forward to continuing to exceed our clients' expectations in every aspect of their supply chain needs.

Benefits of using Bonded Warehouse

1. Derferred payment ofcustoms duty and taxes

Bonded warehouses allow for the storage of imported goods without immediate payment of duties and taxes. This can provide significant cash flow advantages for businesses.

2. Customs Compliance

Bonded warehouses operate under strict customs supervision, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimising the risk of penalties or delays associated with non-compliance.

3. Flexibility in Inventory Management

Businesses can store goods in bonded warehouses without time constraints, enabling them to strategically manage inventory levels and timing of customs clearance to optimise supply chain efficiency.

4. Improved Cash Flow

By deferring duty and tax payments until goods are released from the bonded warehouse, businesses can allocate funds more effectively, investing in other areas of operations or expansion.

5. Facilitated International Trade

Bonded warehouses streamline international trade by providing a secure storage facility for imported goods awaiting customs clearance or re-export. This can expedite cross-border transactions and reduce administrative burdens.

6. Value Added Services

WePack offers value-added services such as labeling, repacking, or quality control inspections, providing added convenience and customisation options for businesses utilising their storage facilities.‚Äč