Choosing the Right Liquid Filling Equipment for Your Cosmetic Products

The right liquid filling equipment is a must when you are packaging cosmetic products, ensuring that your products are packaged and sealed correctly. After all, if products are not packaged appropriately, this could lead to more resources being wasted on having to rectify these mistakes, which can be costly in the long run.

So, the question is: How do you choose the right liquid filling equipment?

Cosmetics Products

Understanding Your Cosmetic Products

A number of cosmetic products are of liquid or near-liquid consistency, meaning that they are not packaged in the same way as a solid product, like powder, is. As a result, it is important to have a suitable liquid filling machine that can meet all of your specific needs and requirements in terms of packaging your cosmetic products.

Examples of cosmetic products where a liquid filling machine would apply include:

  • Perfumes
  • Mascara and eyeliner
  • Foundation (liquid)
  • Lip gloss
  • Creams and lotions
  • Oils
  • Nail polish
  • And more…


Types of Liquid Filling Equipment

There is a wide range of equipment available that are designed to fill liquids in a variety of containers. These can include:

  • Piston fillers - accurate and quick, usually used for highly viscous liquids
  • Gravity fillers - ideal for foamy and thin liquids, pumping bulk products into tanks with separate valves, allowing the product to freely flow into containers via gravity
  • Pump fillers - versatile and can be used to fill liquids of different viscosity levels
  • Molten fillers - designed for products that require hot-filling, and once filled, it cools and hardens; examples include lip balm and petroleum jelly
  • Inline fillers - utilises a conveyor system that fills containers in a single file line; commonly used by small to medium-sized businesses
  • Rotary fillers - containers move through circular stations, with each station designed for different functions
  • Net weigh fillers - perfect for filling bulk quantities, ensuring that each container has the exact same amount of product


Key Factors in Equipment Selection

Choosing the right liquid filling equipment can depend on a number of factors that you should take into consideration, such as:

  • Container - the container can affect which equipment is required; make sure that your machine is suitable for filling your product into your specified containers
  • Viscosity of product - the viscosity level of your products also influence which machine is best for you; for higher viscosity products, there are less filling options available
  • Production scale - how many containers do you need filled in one go? The higher production rate required, the higher level of machine automation and capacity is needed


Regulatory and Compliance Considerations

There are certain regulatory and compliance requirements when it comes to liquid filling machines, including:

  • No harmful chemicals/substances (released by the machine) that could contaminate the product
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Compatibility with disinfectants for regular cleaning of machine


Evaluating Suppliers and Manufacturers

You should be able to trust your supplier or manufacturer of the machine that you choose. Don’t be afraid to ask them the following questions to inform your decision:

  • What is the installation process like?
  • Can you customise the equipment?
  • Do you offer support after installation?


Customisation and Adaptability

Not all machines will allow you to customise the filling process and/or adapt to different packaging situations. For instance, some machines are only capable of filling certain types of liquids. This is something to be mindful of when determining which liquid filling machine to invest in.

Cost Analysis and Budgeting

The cost is one of the most important aspects of deciding which liquid filling equipment to invest in. Ideally, you’ll want the best bang for your buck, and it goes without saying that liquid filling machines are definitely on the more expensive side.

However, at WePack, we provide contract packaging services for cosmetics that can efficiently fill liquid products. With off-site packaging, rest assured that you don’t have to worry about investing in your own liquid-filling machine - we can do this for you.


WePack’s Liquid Filling Solutions

At WePack, we have numerous liquid filling equipment that can assist with fulfilling your cosmetic product orders. If you are a cosmetic business owner who is looking for a reliable, efficient, and professional way to fill your products, then WePack has got you covered with our liquid filling solutions.

From foundation to mascara, you can rely on our contract packaging services for cosmetics to effectively package and seal your products with ease. For more information about our liquid filling services, or if you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with the WePack team today.