Labelling and Coding Services

  • Low, medium or high tack available
  • Can do hand labelling if needed
  • Labelling can be used to hide misinformation, add bar codes or offer safety/allergy advice
  • Batching coding available by inkjet, thermal transfer or as a stamp.

WePack sources fully printed labels and can add best before dates and batch codes to your packaging by inkjet or thermal transfer.

Types of labels available:

  • Low, medium or high tack adhesion depending on the surface you are sticking the label to and the product’s function i.e. whether you want the label to peel off or not.
  • Coated, uncoated or laminated including polypropylene laminates to give appearance of screen printing.
  • Piggyback varieties (printed on both sides).
  • Concertina leaflets, which are an excellent way to make used of limited space, if you need to include a large amount of information.
  • Metal labels or decals if product has a long shelf life.

Added bonuses that labels can offer:

Aside from offering production information and branding, labels can be used as a tamper seal, fitted as part of reworking to add bar codes or black out incorrect information or to provide important safety/allergy advice.

We do hand labelling as well as automated labelling

Depending on the complexity of the package it may not be possible to use automated labelling. In this situations we offer a hand application service.

Batch coding to ensure traceability

Best before dates and batch codes can be added to your packaging by inkjet or thermal transfer printing. These can also be fitted retrospectively as a stamp or label.

Their application position is determined by the shape and size of the packaging, the nature of the product and your preferences.

Interested in labelling or need further advice? Drop us a line.

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